What do we do?

At Simply Unique, there isn't a lot we can't do.  The following is a list of some of the items and services we offer; if what you need isn't listed, still give us a call.  We may just not have had an order for it yet.  :)  All items listed should be considered 'custom' because we can customize anything.


T-Shirts/Sweatshirts/Tank Tops/Jerseys/Shorts/Sweatpants/Shoes: DTF, Vinyl, Sublimation, Screen printing

Distressed flannels: We have quite a selection of vintage, distressed/bleached flannels and denim shirts and jackets.  These are great for all seasons- cool spring and summer evenings and chilly fall and winter days and nights.  We use your distinct ideas and personality to come up with a one-of-a-kind design just for you!  Come in soon and see us about your very own.


Every type of hat is available through our hat expert.  We have an in-house hat bar as well.  We travel to do trucker hat parties, where attendees pick multiple patches, pins, buttons, hat bands etc. and have a great time decorating their hats.  We make custom iron-on patches also!  Get in touch to schedule your party today!

As part of our hat decorating, we have many custom hat pins available including those with colorful feathers and the end of a shotgun shell with or without a gorgeous rhinestone in the center!  See our site to purchase these by themselves.  Haley is an expert hat burner.  She is happy to burn a hat you already have, or we can order one for you and in either case will bring the vision to life that you have for your hat.  We always have you approve the design before burning!  There are lots of examples of Haley's work in our shop, and it stands up to the best we've seen by far.  Come see us if you're interested!


We have a huge selection of beaded pens and keychains available.  Just like we travel for hat parties, those attendees who aren't into hats can pick these instead.  Whatever your interest, we have focal beads for your items to fit your personality.  We have colorful pens, beads and keychains to add a little fun to your workday and your commutes!

Promotional Materials:

We love providing promotional ideas and materials for businesses.  Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen. Items we have prepared include business cards, thank-you stickers, pens, magnets, emery boards and many other items.


We can make vinyl, wood and metal signs in multiple sizes.  We have created a window/door sign including privacy shield that the customer was extremely happyt with.  Our prices are very competitive for this service and we stand by our work.


We have a large selection of gifts, from board games to jewelry, from bluetooth speakers to journals.  We gift wrap every in-store order with gift bag and paper.  We can also hand-make cards for all occasions.


The shop has a great selection of western-style handbags, many with a concealed carry slot.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.